Monday, May 25, 2009

baby update...21 weeks?

It's not Thursday and I think I skipped a week. I have no idea how people do this with multiple children and jobs. I'm bad enough just being And we'll start today with a picture...just cuz we're

So I was gonna wait until Friday and give you the newest ultrasound picture except I didn't actually get my ultrasound since half of Germany was in the hospital giving birth. Tomorrow morning I go and hopefully no more babies ruin my schedule. Sat and Sun the husband had off so we were out and about and busy. So sorry no pictures until today. And I am warning you that in the last 72 hours my Buddha belly has made itself known. In all honestly Friday I could still button my pre-prego jeans. Saturday buttoning to be had. Lol. Husband is amused since I'm like "Ahhhh... Where'd this come from? I need more time to work into this!" But anyways, here is the latest picture!! PS. Walker is trying to eat the


  1. Hilarious! Love the last pic! You're looking really cute with your Baby-Buddha-Belly!!!

  2. So so cute!! I love the one of your Hubby!!! Priceless!!

  3. You two are adorable! Baby has definitely made an appearance! I'm still in the "just looking fat" stage...