Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ok so heres the latest buddha belly picture. I'm 16 weeks here and am definately finding it impossible to hide my little guy sticking out. Sadly I am not going to take a picture of the ultrasound because...well...I don't want to?

This past week has been interesting to say the least. And while I liked my guests and enjoyed the visit, I am VERY GLAD they went home. There was some drama and an incident that I appear to be the only one that can't quite let it go since I think it was WAY disrespectful to my husband and I as their hosts and as other's friends. Whatever life goes on. In the course of their visit, our Plt also managed to do anything and everything wrong and currently has 3 active NCO's not under investigation or PCSing back to the states. Needless to say I've been a big wreck of emotional pregnant hipponess. And to cap it all off a German guy hit me at a rest stop on the way home from the airport while I was driving the new car. Totally his fault. He admits it, I know it, all is well. But I cried like a baby. Not a ton of damage, but I broke the car and its less than 2 months old. He also yelled at me in German because I couldnt' understand. GREAT WEEK.

And now I'm sick. Heck yes son. Let's just get everything out of the way all at once. Why the heck not. So I'll be back in a few days maybe sooner. I haven't lost my blogging world, just my motivation to get out of bed.

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  1. That stinks that you had such a crummy week!!! But your belly is looking way cute!