Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life in the silent ranks.

Hola mi people. I do not speak spanish. I do not speak German. Lol. Honestly I barely speak English some days. Baby is doing well. He has decided to misplace my stomach so that anything more than a piece of toast makes me want to hurl. I had the dog jump on him to squish him down a little bit, but I don't think it worked. ;) Hopefully soon he'll move himself a little bit and make room for all the yummy food I am trying to share with him. He's making his presence known in my stomach. Poking it out there for all to see. Little snot!

I started WIC overseas last week, and while I must say that I very well appreciate any help, I do not understand the need for a jar of peanut butter a month. Honestly...I don't really like peanut butter and now we have a peanut butter back up in our pantry cupboard. Soon I'll need a cupboard just for the peanut I'm much rather they gave me nuts to eat. But then again they make the rules, I just play by them. For those that are curious. WIC overseas for military families is SO much easier than that in the states. Or at least how it was in the states when I left. They give you a little book with everythng pictured. And they are not near as anal retentive. They also don't have an amount that you have to be under. Phew!

On another topic the hubs turned 23 Thursday. I made him a ridiculously yummy cake. That I found at It's called sugar cookie cake and WOW!!! Delicious. I made my grandma's frosting and flavored it with some strawberries and chocolate. yum. The husband has been eating it for breakfast

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  1. perhaps you could find someone who likes pb as much as we do (I go through more than a jar of chunky and creamy a month...easy!) and trade it or just give it away? any food pantries?