Sunday, June 7, 2009

row row row my boat.


Those are some pictures of the Scholss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg. Big words got your tongue yet? lol. It was a beautiful little town and a nice day away. My husband has a total of 5 days off this month so we need to make as much of them as we can get. Lol. He leaves for bus driving school on the 15th and is REALLY excited. Ok not so much, but he goes anyway. He is not so thrilled about driving a giant bus on small German roads, but the Plt Sgt decided he looked like the man for the job. It will not hurt his CDL liscense any though and will give us another option for when we get out. Baby is still kicking up a storm yet husband still has yet to actually feel him. Walker did though. He kicked my stomach back. We talked about it. lol.

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