Tuesday, June 2, 2009

nothing nice to say.

Remember that adage your mom used to tell you about not saying anything at all if you couldn't say anything nice? Well I've been trying REALLY hard. Our platoon which we had greatly hoped was improving may actually be on the verge of imploding while my husband and I are on the verge of going home. Honestly I could care less as long as the idiots here get what they've earned. Hmmm...back to this not being mean thing. lol. I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and am having a very hard time holding my tongue when it comes to the situations that surround us daily here. Baby is a boy btw. I don't think I was in a good mood the day we found out so I don't think I shared. we're more than halfway through and I havent yet picked out the carseat...lol. Although I think I'll probably just order it online and have it shipped. So much easier. The co sleeper came in this monday and thats a little blessing so the baby has a place to sleep once he gets birthed...lol. My husband and I had our 1 year wedding anniversary and had a nice little picnic and went out to a local Greek restaurant. While I can't identify what I ate exactly...it was delicious! lol. My husbands birthday is in a couple days so that will involve a cake from a recipe I found at imafoodblog.com. After that he leaves for bus driver school and a live fire exercise and may be home sometime in July if all is well. That's all the news. I love it here. Hate our unit. And there is nothing to be done unless we're willing to sacrifice what little good standing we retain by going out of the chain of command.

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