Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Diabetes and the seven dwarfs.

It is official. I have gestational diabetes. You don't even wanna know the curse words that are spewing out of my mouth. While I know rationally that a.) it's not my fault especially since it runs in the family and b.) of course drinking grape flavored sugar water is going to push my blood sugar up, that doesn't make me feel any better about the fact that I still feel like it's my fault that my darn blood sugar doesn't cooperate. So I had a nice little meeting with the German Dr. She said her English was bad, but between her decent English and my ablity to remember nouns if nothing else in foreign languages we got on just fine. I'm taking my blood sugar at home for the rest of today and tomorrow then going in on Friday morning to show her the results of my at home poke and bleed activities and see if I'll need to be giving myself insulin shots for the remainder of the pregnancy. (That sentence is quite 7 pokes a day. YAY. (That is laced with all the same curse words I'm spewing and all the sarcasm my pregnant beluga self can muster.)

So due to this wonderful turn of events I had my first Tri-care interaction. While the people here are helpful, actually getting a hold of them is a challenge. Lucky for me I'm obnoxious enough to call continuously until someone picks up the damn phone, and pregnant enough to cry when they tell me that I missed a step. Since NOBODY likes crying pregnant women, they got the community health nurse to refer me =). Then today I got my script to a German pharmacy. I decided to skip the phone step and go annoy someone in person. It worked and took about 2 minutes instead of the 2 days the referral getting took me. AMEN! So off I went to the Apotheke to get my handy-dandy contour blood test thingy strips.

On to the seven dwarfs part...there is really only one dwarf, and he is in my belly. Having a toga party of course because who doesn't love toga parties? He is healthy and happy and good to go. I am also good to go. Other than this whole blood sugar of death crap, I am in GREAT shape. (Which just adds to the annoyance of the blood sugar issues) My blood pressure is staying in its low range which is perfectly normal for me, today it was 110/73. I still haven't gained any "excess" weight. (seriously? I'm pregnant, I've gained at least 30 pounds excess weight people! lol) No swelling, no edema, I can still reach my feet for the most part, I can kind of stand up if given enough time. My back is sore when I stand for too long, but that's not too strange and it's not so bad. I tried to take a picture of the latest ultrasound, but for whatever reason, it was not coming out as a baby face, it was instead more like a baby alien Rorshock (totally not spelled right, sound it out and think ink-blot.) Instead I'm treating you to my red-neck pregnant sexiness. My shirt is apparently slightly see thru, and my husbands shorts are falling down, but meh, I was comfy as a bug in a rug and a sliver of stomach is totally considered sexy right? I mean that is how it works? =)


  1. Hi Mary! I'm your sister Annie's friend from grad school, and sometimes I lurk on your blog because I like hearing about Annie's sister having a baby :o) Anyway--I had GD for 2 pregnancies and just had my 2nd baby boy in April. I am full of GD knowledge! I found a ton of advice and information on Babycenter's Pregnant with Diabetes board--it was very helpful! Google search should pick it up if you're not already familiar with it. Best wishes to you and your new little family :o)

  2. My 3 hour came back clear. I was kinda surprised since I have diabetes on both sides of my family. Sorry you have to deal with it. At least you're almost done =)