Friday, July 31, 2009

This is how we roll.

Went for my follow up visit to check my blood stick numbers. I'm still kosher and good to go without insulin, but she says that as my due date approaches chances are gonna go up and up that I won't be able to keep them down on my own. If and when my numbers start to creep up I should run right in and start the insulin, or during my weekly stop in to recheck my numbers they'll decide I'm walking to close to the line and start me with my loverly shots.

On another unrelated to pregnancy note...this is how I roll! Well this is how Walker and I roll actually. We be pimpin!


  1. Too cute! Love the pic of Walker and you! Hoping you can avoid the insulin!!!!

  2. Hey girl!!! Guess who!!! WOW you have gotten so big!!! I've missed the baby updates but i'm back and cant wait to see more about your baby!!!!