Sunday, July 12, 2009


So I am now 6 months pregnant. Lol. Soooo close. I feel like a hippo, or a walrus, or occasionally an elephant seal, depending on the day. Top heavy and with a strange inability to sit up without grunting. My husband says that I'm still beautiful and says that I am no where close to an elephant seal. Lol.

Yesterday we had one of our closest friends over to stay the night. She's having a hard time and it's nice to give her a little get away when we can. I decided that we should go bowling and to the batting cages and relieive some aggression since both the husband and I were kinda grumpy, and she could handle hitting something with a bat too. LOL. We had a ton of fun. I beat my husband at bowling for the first time ever with a 134. I do have a cell phone photo, but am not sure how to get it from there to here just yet. Whoops! Great time. Came home played crazy eights had a good laugh while my husband whined a lot about losing. Put in the new Nicholas Cage movie Knowing. And.....promptly fell asleep. At lik 9.30. Like an old lady. Soooo no idea how the movie ended, but the husband said it was good. maybe I'll watch it later today.

On totally different topic, I'll post another prego pic when the husband returns the camera to me. It's currently in his hands for army amusement. =)


  1. I take offense to the idea that going to bed at 9:30 means you're old...that's past our usual bedtime! :)

    Funny story, though...last night we were cuddling in bed and rubbing each other's backs...and moaning and oohing, then we started to laugh. There was no hanky panky going on but we sounded like a soundtrack to an adult movie! Now, that's old!

  2. Haha sounds like a blast and if you ever want to feel better about how preggo you are then let me know... I will send you a pic of me @ 36 weeks with my hippo of a daughter! I was ENORMOUS!!! Even my husband said so and that almost got him killed!