Sunday, July 26, 2009

I admit it...

I'm a lurker.

But other than that...our computer is back in the real world!! AMEN. It took a new hard drive and 170 euro, but that was cheaper than what it would be to send it back to Toshiba, and it was quicker! Husband was grumpy, I was grumpy, but life happens.

It just seems that we can't get ahead. We're not behind, but we're not moving in the right direction either. We'd like to put more money into our savings acct. Or pay off my school loans. Or start a TSP (I don't know what it stands for, but some sort of military savings/something acct.) Ok well...Whatever. Lol. This was just an exciting little side track anyway.

On to the important part. I am a lurker. Never been the most social of people, so it surprises me not at all that I often just read people's blogs quite happily. I am also quite surprised when people actually read my blog (especially when I disappear for periods of time due to overall grumpiness and or computer malfunctions). More amazingly still, when they actually comment. You see, I am nothing to special. I'm about 5'6" currently weigh 190 lbs due to the little hippo child I'm growing. (He weighs 30 pounds so I only ACTUALLY weigh 160. Right? That's how this works?) I've been a military wife for a year now in this place I like to refer to as the vortex of hell. My house is clean, but far from spotless, and also not so highly organized. I have a small beastzilla for a dog, His name is Walker. My husband is possibly the most sarcastic and occasionally offensive person EVER, but I love him dearly and a lot of other people seem to be fond of him too. That's it. Nothing too surprising or out of the ordinary.

Here I am. Distracted after all. What this whole post is mostly about is that I've started a second blog to feed my food blog/cooking obsession, in case you guys that actually do read my blog (HI GUYS!) aren't so interested in me bad pictures of the food I try to make. Especially since I forget to take pictures during the process for the most part. Oh well. Find my newly christened food blog here, so far there's nothing there that hasn't been posted here too, but come the 27th...I'll have my first unique food blog post! How cool am I? Ok, don't answer that. Lol. I already know. =)


  1. Yay you're back. And I love reading your stuff! I really don't know why though hehe!

    I'm following your food blog aswell, so you better start posting delicious stuff!!!

    Happy weekend!!!!

  2. Cool beans about the food blog...I'll add it to the list on my cookbook :) I missed you Mary Theresa ♥ I think you're a doll so quit all that I'm nothing special stuff!

  3. Hey I love your blog... I have been there and believe me Hippo was a complete understatement when I was pregnant...!!!

  4. Where do you live, again (aka, the vortex of hell)?