Monday, July 20, 2009

crap. Week 29

Rawr. Today I had my week 29 Ultrasound and gestational diabetes screening. Not only did this take 4 hours...(I took the 2 hour test)...but I also have gestational diabetes according to it. Great. Just great. Baby is well and is the right side at this moment, but chances are he could get bigger and have developmental issues. I am now back to the grumpy/nervous/worried state of being. Husband and I bought our car seat yesterday and both of us felt much relieved yesterday. Then today rolled around and I'm back to being nervous. And in tears. Because crying is always the correct answer. Still no laptop of my own, and the computer is still elsewhere soooo...more to come next week. Hopefully when I'm done crying.

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  1. I get to take a 3 hour gluc test tomorrow. It took them 2 weeks to tell me the results of my 1 hour.