Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday denials.

Mckmama and her small herd of children are an inspiration to us all, especially on Mondays. You see on Monday's shes created this great little 'game' where anyone that feels the urge can deny all those silly little things that we do in an effort to make it through the day. So if you want to play along, or even just get some giggles on, head on over to visit the MSC (Many small children) and their mama and enjoy NOT ME MONDAY!

I did not possibly back the new car into a wall (softly) while horribly lost in a Castle. First of all this would never happen because no one is silly enough to put a doctor's office in a Castle and then put a do not enter sign on the only road to get you to said klinik. NO ONE DOES THAT. (Obviously the did or I wouldn't have been lost in said CASTLE!!!) So in my attempts to get to said Dr's office I was NOT forced into a very small parking lot/turn around/mouse hole to turn around while dodging humans, cars, and buildings. I did not cry. My husband is not mad at me (only a little.) And I am not angry at the construction people who are obviously in need of some brain cells. In the end...I went up the road that I was not supposed to since that IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET TO THE FREAKING OFFICE!

Next. My dog is not obsessed with the 3 month old that appeared at our house the other day. See, the husband and I were asked if one of the soldier's wives could stay with us for a while when she came to visit. We agreed. One problem. They did not fail to tell us when she was getting until...the day she arrived. Her husband is not in the field for a week so I am not left alone with a girl I hardly know and am not incredibly fond of...for a week...alone....crap.

And again...I did not make a list of 100 items I'd like to make/bake before next July. I am not that inspired by one blog in particular that I would put myself into such a challenge. I am not horribly excited. I also didn't join The Darking Bakers. I am not stupidly excited for my first challenge due at the end of the month. If you're interested in a month baking challenge once a month go check it out!

Happy Not Me Monday to all!


  1. Love the new design!!!! Really cool!

    Oh and where in the world do you live? Oh yeah, Germany... Welcome to the world of tiny streets, itty-bitty parkinglots and crazy construction people! ;-)

  2. aw well that is sweet of ya' could be fun to have the babe there!!
    One time when I was prego--probably about 7 or 8 months, I walked my 1st grader into class and then found out he forgot his shoes in the car and just the thought of having to walk "all the way" back to the car made me burst into has a doctor's office in a castle anyway?

  3. OMG I would be killin someone if I had a new mom/wife staying with me that I DID NOT KNOW!!! Oh I am soooo sorry!

  4. Thanks for that blog link! I can see why you'd be inspired to bake!