Friday, July 17, 2009

rawr. not the happy kind.

I was just getting back into the flow of blogging regularly rather than pouting on my couch with a liter o' cola and a gallon of ice cream and explodes. Ok so it didn't explode. I think something overheated and died since it has always run kind of warm. Needless to say, after the car fiasco I was less than thrilled to tell husband that I'd also managed to break the computer within three days of him leaving. I'm pretty sure when deployment roles around one of our rules will include "DON'T TELL ME WHEN YOU BREAK THINGS." Not that I do it on purpose...I just occasionally have bad luck. I'll be back much more regularly once the very nice German computer fixer man returns my wonderful lovely laptop to me. Maybe this afternoon? If not then Monday. I CANNOT WAIT!!

Oh and tomorrow I drive to Mannheim with another spouse and her 6 month old son to see our husbands. Without a GPS. Nervous? A little. Excited? Definately!!! Wish me luck as I follow the little pink line I've traced from our locale to the hope of location of our husbands. =)

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