Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me!!

Not Me Monday is an opportunity for all of us out there in blog land to took at our faults...and deny each and every one of them!! Mckmama and Her Charming Kids are the brains behind the operation. Head on over if you want to read (and generally laugh at) the trail of craziness that each of us leaves behind us on a weekly basis. Join in or just share the fun!

This weekend was the fourth of July. I did not (kind of, a little bit) guilt my husband into going to the company BBQ with me just to drop of the baked beans. He did not drop me off, park the car, make the 5 minute walk to the BBQ and then turn around and leave with me almost immediately. I do not still feel slightly guilty that I made him do all this work just to leave a disposable pan of beans at a cook out. Not I!

I have not seriously considered wearing nothing but my husbands gym shorts in public for the remainder of my pregnancy. It is HOT here. And unlike the states, there is generally no AC in buildings. Every time I leave the house I turn into a big sweaty, sticky, hippo of a mess. And maternity shorts, while unflattering, are also not so comfortable, as they wedge themselves into places that are not meant to house fabric.

I did not play would you rather with my slightly intoxicated husband and a friend that was visiting on the fourth of July. Given the opportunity to make him ask highly obnoxious questions, I would NEVER wait until he was tipsy and not able to ask me highly obnoxious questions. Nope. Not me.

Finally. When I learned that my husband and I are having marital problems and I am leaving him for a man in the states and he is cheating with me we 3 girls and possibly a guy (you have gotta love the Army rumor mill), I did not think up a plan to find myself a male friend who is not in the platoon, take him to the barracks, and then ask for my husband's schedule. When asked who he was I would wave my hand and say enigmatically, "a friend." My husband and I did not then discuss said plan and decide that our neighbor would be perfect. Lol. We are not at all easily amused by people's stupidity and have to repress the urge to just egg them on in their delusions. Not us!!!

Happy Not Me Monday to All, and to all a good night!


  1. Oh my... Good luck with your plan! lol
    just randomly perusing blogs from McMamas list...

  2. HAHA I love it!!! And I love your plan, sounds like something I would do HAHA!

  3. I'm here from MckMama's blog too.
    I think your plan is hilarious!! (Especially if you are pregnant) I'm from a small town, so I know how the rumor mill works. Good luck! and Congrats on the baby!!!