Sunday, August 9, 2009

daddy doggy bonding time.

I am still alive. And still pregnant. Still have GD (gestational diabetes) and will probably start taking insulin in the next week. I am grumpy and irrational. Husband and I put the crib together! Now I just need to finish the babies dresser. And maybe decorate his room. And pick his middle name. Lol. Husband is gone training for the next week so I'll be left to my own devices. Probably a bad idea. I have an ultrasound on Monday. Hopefully I'll actually be able to take a picture of this one without the little guy looking like a big white blob.

Now on to the real reason for this post. The husband and the dog did some bonding after dinner the other night. What did they do you ask? Well....Husband taught Walker to play Call of Duty on X Box 360. Lol. Walker is worse than I am luckily so I'm still allowed to play. Lol. Have a great weekend....even though its already Sunday. =)


  1. What a fun picture, but before I even noticed what Walker was doing, I noticed how thin Nick's face is. I don't care what the military says, he's doing a great job losing weight. love you both, and your dog, and your first-name-only little guy!

  2. What a cute picture!!!! Maybe I need to teach Toni how to play the Soccer games on Hubby's Xbox, so Hubby won't ask me all the time to play. I hate it!

  3. Have you already shared baby's first name? Sorry you're cranky. Just're almost done!