Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love sandwiches.

37 weeks pregnant! Rocking my husband's shirt since it is comfy. I've decided that I'm having twins because one cute little child can't take up that much space in my belly! Craziness!
I've been not posting for awhile now...I know...I'm a slacker. Honestly I just enjoyed reading othe's posts more than I'd have enjoyed writing my own. I figured I'd behave today and actually write one of my own though. Just to be different. We'll go with random stuff since what is more fun than that?

Firstly--I was recently gifted with the "Honest Scrap" award. I'd post he picture but ummm...don't want to? Nati at mentions my loveliness here. She's super cool and posts in English even if she speaks German. So I have decided to follow only the first (and most fun) rule. (Ok second rule...Whatev.) 10 honest truths about me!

1.) I am nine months pregnant and can still shave my legs. I say I need to sit down, but that's a balance issue more than an inability to reach them issue. Bet I could paint my toes if I wanted to also.

2.) My dog has decided that sleeping on or around my head is pretty much the coolest thing he could do. When the husband is working nights it's fine, but when husband is home, it is not so appreciated.

3.) You can my cookie dough in one cookie increments. Just some butter and other ingredients and milk instead of an egg or part of an egg. Makes a perfect little spoonful of deliciousness. (Don't tell my Dr.) (or my husband)

4.) My husband calls me Carebear. Sends little butterflies down my spine every time. If you've ever met my husband you'll know he's not the most thoughtful or even polite child ever. Lol. It's nice that he likes me though.

5.) I hate liars more than anything. My children will be raised with the theory that if you lie to me about it the trouble will be much worse than if you just confront your mistakes.

6.) I am antisocial. My two closest friends here are the Lt's wife and the Captians wife. Even if I wanted, can't hang out with them and our husbands. Army fail.

7.) I'm a terrible procrastinator and often tell people I'm going to do something so that I actually do it.

8.) I LOVE tattoos. I don't have any.

9.) I'm a pretty sketchy housekeeper. My husband occasionally goes on little cleaning binges to help me out cuz well...I suck.

10.) I'm gonna play bingo tonight! How fun is that?!?!

Secondly--I have almost finished the broke down dresser My husband and I rescued last February (I made him don't doubt it) It's only taken me an entire summer of ignoring its existance. Lol. Also I'm decorating the baby's wall with just a line "Rats and Snails, Puppy dog tails, That's what little boys are made of." and some cute little pictures of "boy animals" like snails and alligators and turtles. =)

That's all I got folks. Happy hunting!

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  1. Glad all is well. I was actually going to ask about you today and saw you posted =) Times closing in! Can't wait to see pics of your little man.
    the Lurker...Amy