Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh baby baby

Lord help us! We are sooo close. 1 month remaining. I can't handle the pressure. Lol. I'll treat you to some pictures of Husband and I from our trip so you can enjoy we highly pregnant self. Tomorrow or maybe later today I'll give you some nice ones of Prague instead of just me. =) My feet are swollen occasionally and my hands have swelled once or twice. My pelvis on the other time is causing me issues. Without warning or cause I get shots of pain down my back/hip. I figure though if this is the worst coming for me I am golden! Lol. Babies latest ultrasounds have been totally disagreeable to pictures or I'd show you those too. But he's a butt and is hiding whenever possible. The rest of the time he's kicking me or doing flips. Hopefully we'll be getting some more baby clothes of sizes other than newborn in the incoming baby boxes. We have plenty of newborn and some 3-6 month. we'll see what else this months mail brings us and be on our way!

Pregnant me and a tree...
Camping out in a park so little mama me could rest.

Recording my sugar levels before we headed out for dinner
Husband being attacked by my camera wielding self
Finally...I made him take a post-ice cream picture with me. =)

1 comment:

  1. I love the one where you're recording your sugar levels! Your belly looks so cute, and I'm all for candids vs. posed pictures!

    Anyway, do you need 0-3 month clothes? You know Gracie would love to get you a few outfits and we can send them asap...fb me!

    By the way, there's no pressure (except the pressure baby is putting on your insides!) so enjoy (as much as you can) your last few weeks without kids!