Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Did you know that angry pregnant woman have been known to eat people? No? Well it's true. I may soon join the ranks of the angry person eating pregnant woman. They're very similar to purple people eaters, except more emotional and varied in color.

Why might you ask am I about to eat someone? Well, you see, we had/have 3 days off in a row. We are/were planning on going to Prague. Cool right? And the army has this issue where soldiers need permission (a pass) to go farther than 100 miles or 2 hours from their base. Ok fine whatever. We put our pass paperwork in as soon into the month as my husband was able and not in the field. We are planning on leaving in the morning, with one small issue. We haven't yet been approved. WHAT THE HECK. Just sign the freaking paper, it's not as though we have the three days of regardless anyway. Let us goooooo. Jerks. But wait. We hate our soldiers here and have decided that the barracks are no longer allowed to look "lived in" they now need to look as though no one resides there at all times. And we need to have a mandatory meeting about this at 1600 tomorrow afternoon. That's, oh, 3 hours after we're supposed to be in Prague. I hate everyone. And plan on eating them out of sheer frustration. Rawr.


  1. Ah..the military. How frustrating they are! I feel your pain, believe me!

  2. just watch your sugar levels...wait at least two hours between feasting on obnoxious people, which doesn't mean you can't keep them tied up and toy with them during that wait.