Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Breasts are messy!

Lucian is 2 weeks old now! Time is passing so quickly. Husband went back to work last night (he did work a 24 hour shift Saturday and a 12 hour one Thursday, but now he's back to working more than one day in a row. We're back to real life here. Me and the babe and the beast with occasional appearances by the husband. Note, the husband is a GREAT dad. And a great husband. When he can, he sends me to bed to sleep for a little bit while he watches the little one. It is appreciated, and he's so good with such a little babe. Although he did get the couch peed on yesterday while changing a diaper. Pee happens.

On to the real meat of the post. Lol. I'm breastfeeding. Good for me! Except my son is a hellion. He manages to soak both of us with milk every time. I've even been squirted in the eye once. No one warned me that breasts actually squirt. Good to know. He also enjoys allowing his mouth to fill with milk then letting my nipple slip out of his mouth along with the mouthful of milk. Yum! I'm quite certain that I smell like breast milk consistently. I figure its the mark of being a new mom. And since the husband doesn't seem to love me or the little one any less I guess it's not too bad.


  1. Still SO very excited for you! Yes, breastfeeding is very messy. Evan is my 4th and I still haven't figured out how to not get it everywhere. Most of the time he's pretty good but there is the occasional 'squirt'. Keep up the good work and post another pic of L soon.

  2. I love the title! One note of practice...if Lu's holding milk in his mouth, it might be because he's not hungry. If he does that you can try taking him off until later. That may not make things any less messy, however, because if you've started let-down then you're likely fountain-esque. If he's still latching and not swallowing then he might just be using you as a pacifier...that's a personal choice (for you or you and Nick to make, depending how you feel about BFing) for you to make. Love you, and your breast, baby and beast...your husband's not so bad either ;)

  3. lol, I just had a really funny mental image thanks to this post.

    Oh, btw, we are now best friends in the blogworld, because I just saw superchic[k] on your playlist!!