Friday, October 30, 2009

prayers and pictures.

So Mckmama and her littlest are back in the hospital. Keep them in thought. They are such an example of God's grace and mercy.

Between a new baby, my friend here (Yes in the singular. Lol. I am antisocial, but she's pretty cool so it's ok that she is singular.), and the latest drama and/or FRG stuff I'm keeping really busy. Here are some picture updates of Lu for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Thank you for the pictures! You all look so great!

  2. Well thanks for the official first comment ;) ;)

    I only have three more days before my period is supposed to start, and since I'm not currently in a "panic" state, I figure I can wait lol. But if it doesn't start by day 2, I'll be whippin' out that test!!

    Your baby is so beautiful!!