Sunday, October 4, 2009

The good, the bad, and the largely pregnant.

It's official. I am the largely pregnant one in this scenario. Tomorrow is my due date. Yay for October babies! The husband is apparently soooo important to the army that he needs to go to the field and shoot things for a few days. In reality, he's going because he's one of the few people with the required license to drive them there. In reality I could give a hoot. My husband is not deployed therefore he should be home with me. Or at least not hours away and out of cell range. Now wait for it.........wait for it.......the good! Apparently someone somewhere outside his immediate chain of command since they had no idea about it, decided that he could come to by OB appt with me rather than going to the field hearing that they've decided to induce and then coming back. YES! Score one for the privates wife. =)


  1. Hang in's almost over =)

  2. yay for the MP Gods! :) And for baby Lu, who's with you now...cuddling with mommy and daddy, soaking up all that love. So happy for you!