Friday, October 2, 2009

When live gives you lemons...

Yell "Don't think I won't pull this car over!"...or something like that. So my computer was back in the shop for a week since Toshiba's obviously eat motherboards like candy. Grrrrr. We have it back now. Amen Amen. I was in withdrawl. Germans don't have the "sense of urgency" about this stuff. It'll be fixed when it's fixed. Which is totally kosher. Unless you're dealing with a nine month pregnant woman trying to make pumpkin muffins without a good recipe. Then a week is PLENTY of time. But my little laptop is happy at home again and I am happy with him here.

On to other probably much more pertinent/interesting to you info. No baby yet! Monday I have my due date OB appt on Monday and since baby managed to grow a whole pound before last weeks appt, the Dr said they may want to induce if little man grows too much bigger. Fine by me. I'd rather not have a 12 pound baby. If they don't decide to induce on Monday I'll have an appt every 2 days until baby arrives on his own, or they decide it's time. My husband my or may not be in town when I go into labor but the Lt's wife and I have our orders from the chain of command to get him back in town ASAP if all else fails. Lol. That's what happens when you tell the wife that her husband is slated for training on her due date and the week after. She gets grumpy.

My mother in Law also decided to give us a baby shower last weekend. Fine. We didn't need one, but if it makes her feel better go for it. One problem. I will now be receiving giant boxes of stuff on or around baby's birth. With my husband out of town. They'll put them in the car for me, but once I get home unless I start knocking on doors and begging I'm out of luck. Our neighbors are less than pleasant here. Sigh. Life happens.

That's all. I want muffins. That's my hankering today...again. Been my hankering for like a week lol. And since baby is done doing crazy stuff and back to just getting chubby my sugar levels have returned to normal and I'm allowed to once again eat muffins. Yay!

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  1. Glad you're doing ok. My little one arrived on the 25th(5 days early). Hoping you are able to go in on your own. Keep us posted =)