Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Walker and Lucian sleeping soundly lol

It's now November 4th and I'm babbling on about Halloween. Well the thing is that I'd be decorating for Thanksgiving, but the PX seemed to forget about it and move right to Christmas and Germans don't celebrate sooo...I'm babbling about Halloween. Ok not even really babbling. Telling a little story and giving you some pretty pictures of Lucian and Stan.

Who is Stan you may ask? Where did he come from?

This, my friends, is Stan the International squash of mystery. World traveler. Adonis of pumpkins. Sure the back of his head is flat and I think he may have started to rot a little on the trip over, but he is still overflowing with sex appeal.

My Mother in Law sent us a pumpkin. Through the US Postal service. I feel as though customs should have boycotted this or something. I don't know why we needed an American pumpkin. Could have easily enough bought a German pumpkin if we'd felt the need. I have no explanation, but here he is with the little guy happily celebrating Halloween. Lucian's first. Stan's Last. Sad day in the world of a gourd.
I think Stan has all the Sex appeal in this picture as Lucian looks a bit


  1. apparently she lied when they asked if there was anything perishable in the box...I believe pumpkins qualify! I still find it VERY funny that she sent you a pumpkin! :D