Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My little punk is sickly. All sorts of junk/crap/green stuff up in his nose. Think he's headed in the right direction though since today he actually smiles at me occasionally. I am also sickly. Have been since the day the plane touched down. Green stuff, ear pain, cough. And now....I can't hear right out of my right ear! It is obnoxious. Doesn't really hurt any more. Just feels wrong and it makes me angry. Booo stupid ear.

On another completely unrelated and random note.

Things I have missed about the US. Commercials. Buff wings. Subs, real ones filled with bad for you crap, not that subway sandwich they try to call a sub. Malls. Walmart. Target. Yellow buses. My puppy. Family. "Mom." I'm sure there is other stuff too.

Things I have NOT missed. Tax. On EVERYTHING. The tag says 6.49 but means 7.01. LIAR. Pot holes big enough to eat a small child. Or your car. Or both depending on the day. Stupid people. In Germany if someone does something stupid we call them an idiot and leave it alone. In the US we have a habit of adding a warning to our coffee in case someone was confused and expected it to be cold. And again. I'm sure their is much more, but those few things current are the focus of all my venomous rage. Freaking people eating Potholes.


  1. I hope and your baby start feeling better soon! no tax?! *gasp* no way!! ive read through some of your blogs and you are just too funny! looking foward to reading more posts!

  2. I think everyone is sick right now..hope they baby gets better soon!