Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Family is something else altogether. There are the sterotypes and the assumptions. There are black sheep and rebels, homebodies and housewives, all sorts,kinds, sizes and flavors. And while we love them all, sometimes we don't have to like them.

I must say that I am a pretty open breastfeeder. I try keep things covered to the best of my ability, but I will not banish myself to the dungeon to feed my baby boy. Not gonna happen. Babies eat. Real babies eat boob. (Bottle fed babies are real babies too, but it sounded like a good sentence so I used it! =D)

It all started night one when baby and I passed out in the recliner after being awake for 30 hours. Sister in law leans over to kiss Lucian's head and I startle awake. Coming scant centimeters from bashing her nose in with my forehead. Oops. Don't sneak up on exhauted army wive. We attack. In our sleep. Leading with our foreheads. Viscious beasts we are. And then the saga continuted

Here I sit in the recliner while Lu contemplates if he'd rather sleep, eat, or some odd combination of the two and what should happen...I am attacked. Ok so attacked may be a strong word but it annoyed me. Along comes my sister in law (same one!). And kisses my baby. On the side of the head. While he's attached. To. My. Breast. I'm pretty sure that is the closest a set of female eyes have ever come to that part of my anatomy. Since Lu gets up close and personal while nursing, boy eyes have had a close encounter or two. AWKWARD. I feel as though waiting the 10 minutes until I got up from the living room and came out to join everyone else at the table to kiss my baby would not have been the end of the world. Just saying. Oh. And shes a nursing mother. I don't think she'd appreciate if I got all up in HER baby/boob barrier. So for all those out there that are curious a proper distance of 12 inches should be mantained between family and nursing babies at all times.

Close encounters of the family kind. Out of control I tell you.


  1. lol

    I shouldn't laugh but I'm far enough away that you can't bash me with your head! Some people just have no personal space boundries! I don't know if you've said anything to her, but if it happens again and you'd like to, you could frame it as bing about Lu rather than you. Like you don't want him to get distracted while he's supposed to be nursing. Just a thought.

    And I have had a guy friend giss baby on the head while nursing. Talk about awkward! Scott was there and said guy friend was a bit intoxicated so all was good :) but you're not alone!

  2. LOL you tell em! I breastfed all of mine and the most I tried to hide was a light blanket over them if I was out somewhere.

  3. Maybe...(and this is just me being devil's advocate since my favorite thing to do is stir the pot) your SIL was in some way trying to show you that she completely excepts you as part of the family and not just an the girl who married her brother? That maybe Lucian is the final link she needed to feel close to you? At that moment you were doing the most motherly thing to her brother's son, feeding him, and so she felt compelled to show her affection for you BOTH.

    Or maybe Im completely high on the drugs they gave me.....and you know me I would have been COMPLETELY comfortable with what she did :D since I have no personal bubble :/ either way you have to love families!!! See you back in Germany, I promise I won't kiss your boob!

  4. Having trouble e-mailing you so this will have to do. I've been reading about your life for awhile now and thought maybe you'd like to read about mine. I started a

  5. Thanks for the tip! And I'm pretty sure I agree with you, haha.