Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've recently come to the conclusion that the last wee bit of time before the boys go, is INSANE. Since this is my first deployment, I don't have much to compare with but it seems to me like people try to fit a year worth of living into a month's worth of time. And I understand the complusion. Really. I do. But honestly when you get to the day of Army Man getting on a bus and riding away does it make you feel any better?

In the last 2 days the husband has gone out to the club once and we've gone out to dinner twice. We've also driven to pick up a friend who didn't have a ride, gone shopping, and toured the bazaar on post. I personally can't keep running 90 mph just to forget that my husband is going to leave because no matter what he is going to leave. Instead I need to take some time out of the chaos happening around us and breath. Just him and me. Breathing together. It's nice.

So tonight we're taking our little bit of peace. I'm making nice dinner with black and blue steak, spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, seafood dip with crackers, and strawberry tiramisu. All of which is accompanied by a wonderful bottle of wine that my wonderful friend Coco *. We'll cuddle on the couch with the little one until he goes to sleep and then we'll just cuddle together. I'll probably cry since that's what I do. He'll probably tell me to stop and that it'll all be ok. I'll probably ask him, "stop what?" at which point he'll probably hit me. (In a nice way. He doesn't beat me. I promise.) Time to go get cute. Because I can. And because this is how I get ready to be a single married woman when the army tells me to.


  1. Urgh all the boys are the same, my husband couldnt get enough food/beer into him before he left, life got crazyyyyy!

  2. aww :( I'm sad for you. I hope you enjoy your time together before he has to leave.

  3. Do you know how long he'll be gone? Thinking of you and your little dino ;)

  4. Hello lovely! I feel your pain! Deployments are like being pregnant and going through labor. We never know what to expect because each one is different...and we just have to keep breathing until we get to the end of it/baby.

    Hope you enjoy your time left with your man.

    Visiting from my blog, Goodnight moon!

  5. Okay so I have been absent lately - um....Coco - really?!?!?! Like a coconut? LOL <3 You And yes the crooked mug sucks still!