Sunday, April 4, 2010


So we had a four day this weekend and have been running constantly since Wednesday night. We could sleep and stay in, but I figure my husband and all our friends are going to be gone for a year and not having much fun so we should try to fit in as much fun as possible. Wow have we ever.

Wednesday night bowling, people at the house bed at 3 up at 6

Thursday to drive 3 hours to Strasbourg, France. We get a 24 hour bus pass, parked and ran around the city until 5 when we checked into the hotel. Slept till 6, went back to the city to see more had doners for dinner. Bed at 11, Lu slept ok.

Friday up at 7 checked out by 8. More city touring and fun (there was a giant claw machine that attracted my husband like a fly to honey). Left the city at 1, home by around 5. Stopped at the Commissary and made a dessert for the Squad BBQ. BBQ at 1800. Boys went out, mama went to bed around 11. Mama got back up at 3 when the boys got home and had stories to recount.

Up at 9 on Sat. Husband spent the morning fixing the car so we can sell it while I went to the Comm and bought stuff for Easter dinner. Easter part for the FRG at Noon stayed there and chatted and chilled till 5 ish. Came home and took a short nap and power cleaned the house which looked like a bachelor pad. Went Bowling again at 9, home at midnight, sleep at 2.

This morning up at 8 cleaned and napped and made food. People at 3, dinner and movies. People left at 9 and here I sit breathing heavily and feeling like a whirlwind just passed me by.

Tired yet? I am!! Time for bed. Tomorrow is gonna be just as busy it seems! Here goes nothing...