Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So I've been changing the way I eat recently. Less prepackaged/laced with corn syrup and soy byproduct type foods and more real actual fruits vegetables and meats. I've also begun more consistently making things I can at home. I make bread when we need it and I hope to try sourdough while the hubs is gone. I made Yogurt earlier this week and it turned out awesome! Soooo easy and soooo much yummier than store bought. I plan on making some yogurt cheese out of it tonight. You use it like cream cheese. YUM!! Then today I had my allowable day of break down. I allow one every 2 weeks. The day when I hate the army. the world. and pretty much anything else I can think of. So to drown my sorrows I did some shopping. It helped, but no where near enough. Lol. I'm still grumpy. What will I do to ease my pain, you may ask...

I will eat butterscotch bars and mint milkshakes for dinner. Heck yes son! Real food? Kinda. I am homemaking them. But I will admit it's German ice cream so it may have anything in it really. I wouldn't really know =)

Tomorrow I will stop whining and suck it up. Then I will call CDS and get my son in childcare for Tuesday. I will send the treasurer the e-mail with the info she needs. I will bring the box of t-shirts up out of the trunk and rock mine. I will shower. Actually I'm gonna do that in a couple minutes. Yay for the days that your big girl panties are no where near big enough and you have the chance to drown your sorrows in dessert. Luckily Lucian isn't old enough to care. He's cool with his rice cereal...I think I'll keep my butterscotch bars thank you.


  1. You go girl. I envy that you have space enough to make stuff homemade.

  2. I absolutely adore sourdough bread! And I make just about everything's much better plus you know I have food allergies and you just never know what they put in already made food!

  3. Oooh that sounds good! And that is so awesome that you make your own bread! I haven't made regular bread in forever!!