Friday, March 12, 2010

The Big Leagues.

That's right folks! Lu is playing in The Big Leagues now! He is eating rice cereal AND bananas. Bow-Chicka-Wonh-Woh. (Ummm how do you actually spell that sound effect. Hmmm. Good Question.) And he's talking up a storm. Just babbling to himself. Gonna be crawling MUCH too soon for mama's comfort though. He gets his stomach off the ground when he cries. I'm hoping he doesn't notice this for at least another oh, 6 months or so. I fear that will not be the case though. He and Walker now have daily Tousles involving pulling of fur and massive amounts of licking. It's puppy love! Although I am a bit nervous, he goes to child care for the first time in two weeks and I am scared he's gonna do something crazy like eat another kid. At some point in time my voluntary position as FRG leader turned into like a daily escapade into various kinds of madness. =) Although I must say that I do believe we are pulling it out and stopping some of the behind the scenes crap. Or I'm just not hearing it since now it's me everyone hates. I don't really care either way though. I think it's going well so that's what I'm gonna stick with. Screaming baby demands attention with his stomach off the floor. I better get him before he realizes he's mere minutes from crawling. Ahhh!


  1. Are you sure that this is little Lu? Didn't you just have him like last week? He can't be eating Solids! lol

  2. Man I'm telling you, it goes by fast! It seems like yesterday that Lexi (our granddaughter) was born and couldn't do anything. Now she eats just about anything and is trying to walk! She's 9 months old btw lol Oh and the dog thing..totally normal. Happens here all the time except it's with a cat :)

  3. Evan is so close to crawling, too. He's up on his hands and knees and throws himself forward. They do get big much too fast.