Monday, March 8, 2010

I need sleep.

It is almost one in the morning and the baby isn't asleep yet soooo here I am.

If I were a month, I would be...October! Not only is it my birthday and babies birthday, but it's still warm and summer like with a little tinge of fall.

If I were a day of the week...I'd be Tuesday. I don't really know why, but it's a good solid day.
If I were a time of day...I'd be 10 pm. Still awake enough to cuddle with the man before we fall asleep together.
If I were a planet...Pluto. It's a planet. Don't hate.
If I were a sea animal...a manatee. I think they're cuteish.
If I were a direction...due east. Again, I don't really know why.
If I were a piece of of those fancy shmancy 2 person recliners.
If I were a liquid..Bailys Irish cream and/or Kahlua. I've got some zip to me!
If I were a gemstone...Ruby. They are so true.
If I were a tree...Mock orange. Even though it's more of a bush. They smell wonderful.
If I were a tool...does Duct tape count? Love the stuff.
If I were a flower...Sunflower. Classic, but not over stated. Or Queen Ann's lace.
If I were a kind of weather...Warm fall day with them smell in the air. My favorite!
If I were a musical instrument...oboe. Erie (is that spelled right? the feeling not the city or lake) and hollow sounding. Love love love.
If I were a color...Cerulean. I used to hide the crayon so no one else could use it.
If I were an emotion...wonder.
If I were a
If I were a sound...a baby cooing. Tweaks my heart.
If I were an element...Carbon. It's an important one.
If I were a car...Dunno. A cute one?
If I were a food...Fresh made sweet roll with butter and jam. Oh Lord help me I am a carb addict.
If I were a place...Letchworth Park. Beautiful gorge but not to arrogant. Still some country.
If I were a material...jersey
If I were a taste...cookie dough. Yum!
If I were a scent...Vanilla. Love a good vanilla.
If I were an object...duct tape. Again. Just saying
If I were a body butt? Without poop involved. Clean, warm, soft, smooth baby butt.
If I were a facial expression...adoration.
If I were a song...superhero girl.
If I were a pair of shoes...Good boots. A girl has gotta love some good boots.

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  1. That was fun :D I feel ya on the no sleeping!