Friday, March 5, 2010

Random ramblings by me!

Morning! Here is a random post about absolutely nothing.

I have 24 followers. Wow. Hi followers! My name is Mary and I'm crazy. (It's a requirement for being a military spouse) I have a dog named Walker, A baby I'll call Lu and a husband I call, well, Husband. I like to pretend that I'm growing up and learning a lot about myself while I totally BS my way through miltary spousedom, wifery, and momhood, but I could just be imagining it.

I've recently started moving towards a "real food" diet. AKA I try to avoid eating food that comes in a package. Slow movement and little steps. So far so good. Oh...and I"M MAKING YOGURT!!! Like in my kitchen experimentation. Woot woot. This could get interesting. Wish me luck.

I'm also trying to get a little garden this year. By little I mean some spinach, peppers, and beets. Lol. On my balcony. We will see how this goes. Especially since I've failed miserably at keeping plants alive since college. Ah well. Worst case scenario they die and I cry. =) Sounds much worse than it actually will be!


  1. Good luck on the garden. Try to get your hands on some vit-B for plants. My mom swears by it.

  2. Good luck gardening. I have no luck in growing anything edible lol

  3. Love your new digs...well, at least your new online and black, nice! BTW, growing up is an on-going process...just ask your other sister or mom and dad...just keep going forward, we all do and we're all still growing, and learning so much from you too. :)

  4. LOL you are soooo cute! And I love the new layout! Pretty :)