Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30 days of me...Day 3

Fave TV Program.

I LOVE reality TV. It's an obsession. Ok so not really that much, but I am still a big fan. My all time favorite program is probably either Hell's Kitchen or Top Chef. I love the crazy ridiculous challenges. I love the over the top personalities. I love the quiet lovable personalities. I love the food. Mind you I'm nowhere near BA enough to ever be able to make most of the food, but it still looks and sounds amazing. On a secondary and completely unrelated note...

Baby Lu is standing up by himself. Currently he is standing up by his walker playing with the toys. I'm not ready for my baby to be walking. I'm especially not ready for him to be walking without daddy here.

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  1. Evan started walking last week. He's up to 5 good steps before he gets distracted. Embrace every minute he's little. They don't stay that way for long. My oldest is now 6 and only a foot shorter than me.

    Thanks for this 30 day post. I like getting to know things about you =)