Saturday, July 17, 2010

A poem

We're taking a break from my very long 30 days of me. I miss my husband. A lot. He can be an ass. But take it from me, he is a good guy. I promise. If he has hope for your future, he will fight for you tooth and nail. If he thinks you're a lost cause, not so much though. He is my heart and I know that he would do anything I asked of him. OK on to the actual heart of my post. I miss him. A lot. Did I already say that? I won an award yesterday called "Angel of Vigilance." (I was told there is only one award higher in the MP world, but I don't actually know that. Either way it's still very important.) It says, "For her selfless service to the soldiers and families of our MP Brigade, whom, during time of war and great trepidation, served out of love country, love of soldiers, and love of your spouse." It makes me feel very good. Like what I do for my boys is actually make a difference to somebody somewhere. And I also wrote this poem for my spouses.

Here I am, right where I ought to be,
Here in the arms of a soldier.
He goes to war, and fights to be free,
Comes home to me a year older.
Here I am, watching my child grow,
A single mom, but a wife.
He stands watch, my American Joe
Protecting our way of life.
Here I am, with the home fires burning.
Sleepless nights hold my hand.
Long days pass his heart full of yearning
For his woman, his family, his land.
Here I am , right where I ought to be,
And each day my love for him grows.
He's far away being all he can be,
It's hard, but it's what we chose.
No matter the distance, no matter the days,
I'll stand strong, ready, and true,
Because I love him in so many ways
I'll find a way to get through.

Remember the families of our soldiers at war. They do an awesome job of holding it down and I am so proud to be one of them.

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  1. Ok, I cried more reading this post than the first time I read your poem. Mary, I love you. I think you're incredible and I'm thrilled that others recognize that too.

    (On a side note, we're starting homeschool this week and also making a care package for Uncle Nick!)