Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Advent Calender

I made the boy child an advent calender. I found inspiration all over for all varieties, ways, shapes of them. I kind of fell in love with the magnetic one. I don't know why. I like magnets maybe? Who knows! Some people make them with cookie sheets...others with muffin pans...I used stove top covers. The rectangular kind that cover 2 burners. Little flimsy so not perfect for the job, but it works pretty well! I made 2 since I got 2 burner covers. I figure this Christmas I'll send one to papa so he can see what the little dude and I are up to, and in the future the next babe can use it! My magnets are kind of crappy. Mostly because I had to use a magnetic picture frame cut up...yea...don't ask. I ordered better magnets and I'm hoping they come soon so days will stop falling off. I made 28 days so that I can actually go along with advent and add or take away days as needed. And rather than candy I thought why not spread the best part of the season...LOVE. So we have 35 ideas to pick and choose from depending on the year. Some, like "Start a Christmas Tradition" I mean really, if you have 4 kids that get to start a tradition every year for 18 years that's....umm....72 traditions? A bit much... I got some ideas from here and some from here. And some I just made up on my own. (Sometimes I like to think I'm crafty!) Anyway, here is our "to-do" list and I am SO excited to start celebrating the season of Advent!

Watch a holiday classic.
Drive to see the lights.
Decorate the Christmas tree.
Read a Christmas story.
Make REAL eggnog.
Recycle some toys to share with others.
Write a list of 10 things you're thankful for. Share it.
Make a special card for someone you care about.
Make paper snowflakes.
Color a picture with only red and green.
Light a candle and say a prayer for loved ones far away.
Drink hot cocoa.
Listen to Christmas music. Sing along.
Bake cookies. Share them.
Write a letter to Santa.
Wrap gifts. Be creative!
Perform and act of service.
Share a Christmas memory. Ask others about theirs.
Take pictures around the Christmas tree.
Prepare the Advent wreath.
Spend time with your family. Play games. Cuddle.
Read about the birth of Jesus.
Make something beautiful. Give it away.
Decorate something other than the tree. use your imagination.
String popcorn for your tree. make extra. Eat it.
Give to Charity.
Kids choice! Pick one Christmas activity to enjoy with your family.
Attend a local holiday celebration.
Have a pic-nic around the Christmas tree. Start with dessert.
Put out a nativity scene.
Put up a wreath.

Merry Very Early Christmas. And Share the love the holiday season.


  1. good ideas...I haven't gone to your links, but I'm guessing I might have already visited...I have a lot of the same ideas! Doing a great job, mama!

  2. That is such a neat idea. I never thought about making one before. I just might have to make one this weekend.

  3. That is really cool! I love it :)

  4. LOVE IT!! Thanks for some really coo ideas =)