Friday, April 8, 2011

Sharing some love!

My coolest friend ever is holding a giveaway on her blog Planting Shade!!!

Go play along and do some reading too. She's pretty awesome and is one of my greatest inspirations to living a good God fearing life. She loves her puppies (and her husband) and her adventures in Germany. Far away from her Hawaii home she's learning to make the most of everything this life can offer.

The prize is a super cute pair of earrings so go share some love for a chance to win!!


  1. Aw look at you! THANK YOU!!! You should enter to win too :P Dont let me forget to tell you about my apple tart/pie/thing...let's call it a thing. It "turned out" lol I think. Love & Hugs

  2. It's coming up on a year since you've posted. Hope all is well!

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