Saturday, January 24, 2009

baby love.

So today was the baby shower for the girl I'd met once. It went remarkably well until the end. I'd post pictures but I was to busy laughing to take any. There were only like 8 of us not counting children in utero. It was nice. Those of us whose husbands are still lowly privates (the baby momma and I) were both on our best behavior since the Lt of our unit and the Platoon Sgt's wofe were both there. Try not to create any more trouble then we already have since we have PLENTY. It was nice though. W e watched the movie Baby Momma. Hysterical. I rocked a baby to sleep because I can. We played the clothespin game. We also played some dirty diaper game involving chocolate bars smooshed in diapers. Somewhat disturbing not going to lie. Also tasted baby food and guessed what it was. I'm not going to lie the banana apple delight stuff made me want to vomit. I would have rather eaten the semi congealed mac and cheese. Blach. Gross nice. Poor babies and their food.

So we had fun. We laughed we ate. I avoided any argumentative conversations like the plague. It really was ok and I was proud of us. I really like the baby momma. I think she's quiet and shy. Not the best combination when you're 1.) new to the army life...I've learned you have to learn to stand up for yourself to get anything accomplished. 2.) in Germany. Germans are very in your face and you need to get off the post or you will go insane. and 3.) have 2 kids. You are the best mother to your children when you yourself are happy. I'm making the husband invite them over for dinner. Since her husband and mine are the same rank we can be friends. Until one fo us gets promoted. Then we will no longer be allowed to hang out. Because our Unit is anal retentive. So here's hoping. Maybe I can help. I'd like to.

I also really want to sponser a new family. I'd like to show the new families that It isn't so bad. You can have a lot of fun if you're brave enough to leave the base. I want to show wives how easy it is to shop in a German store. It seriously requires saying like 2 words and doing some easy math. That's pretty much it. I want to help someone. I think thats what I miss most about working is helping people. Ok on to the rest of my which I mean the dishes.


  1. I went to a work baby shower yesterday and got to rock babies to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I get to do that at work too but its different with bigger healthy babies. I was getting the baby itch, just a little...

  2. 1) make your own baby food....WAY easy!

    2) I love you, do help and will continue to help people. I think it's great that you have ideas of how you can do more...go for it!

  3. Are you serious about not being able to be friends with anyone under your hubbys rank?

    (I have absolutely NO clue about army life at all)

    Regarding the Ikea post, I think you either love Ikea or you hate it. And I kinda grew up with Ikea and always loved it lol