Sunday, January 25, 2009

Easily Entertained.

So my husband and I are easily entertained and are ALWAYS glad to
admit it. Here is a prime example. This is my husband putting walker into a pillowcase. We then spin him around a couple times so he's nice and dizzy. Just a wee bit tottery. HAHAH. He likes it. Don't let him fool you. We also enjoy sliding him across our many non-carpeted floors. He always pauses at the end of the slide and skitters in place for a good long time trying to come back and show us whose boss. I repeat. We are easily amused. So is our small puppy. As I continue babbling on about all things Me, you will witness Walker inside the pillowcase as well as Walker very tired post pillowcase wrestling. That is the best way to have a puppy. Sleeping quietly.

So it is a beautiful day in Germany today. At least my corner of it.
Sunny and slightly chilly, but not actually cold. The balcony is still somewhat clean and therefore not covered with 245356 pounds of pigeon poop. That way I can wander out there and look around at our happy little home. With a cup of hot chocolate or tea mind you since it isn't exactly warm yet. Walker also likes the balcony. Not exactly sure why, but as long as there is no pigeon poop for him to eat, it's all good.

Next topic. The people below us smoke like a chimney. Now I've worked restaurants my whole life and restaurant folk can smoke. I've never had a problem with smoke before. But EVERY time they open the door it waffs (is that a real word? And if so is that how it's spelled?) Upstairs into our apartment. In a cloud. A big overwhelming cloud of grossness. Sigh. But it's not really so big a problem. Just a smelly one. Blach.

As you can see my puppy is sooo light in his colors now. No longer
Black and Tan. But instead silver and gold. Thats my puppy love.
for the day. I'm watching the move Honey with Jessica Alba. Love me a dance movie. She's a hottie-boom-a-lottie. And she can dance. AND she can wear shirts without a bra. I'm jealous because I HATE bras. They are uncomfortable. Just a bit of information that I think everyone should know. Its a good movie. I think I should take up dancing. Ok I'm gonna stop babbling on. Since mostly I'm babbling about nothing. Except my loverly little puppy poo.


  1. Awwww what a cute little puppy!!!
    We're easily entertained and could watch our cat Toni all day long playing...

    BTW I absolutely HATE pigeon poop. When I still lived with my parents, the pigeons would poop on my car ALL the time. UGH!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. waft

    Tyler has recently started playing the music on his toys so he can dance. He loves it! Similar to Walker (as always) he gets dizzy and is a ton of fun to watch!

    I'm glad to see you two having some fun amidst all the frustrations. I'm glad it doesn't get you down for long. Love knowing you're happy.

    love you!