Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best friends and boys.

This is my bestest bestest friend. And Nick's best friend who is my part time husband/ fill in boyfriend when the husband is away. I have known her for 20 of my 22 years. I went to my first year of preschool with her older brother and then my second year with her. Her mom babysit me for years. I spent more time at their house during the summer than I often did my own. She used to be quite the tom boy. We both did. She grew out of it though and I never really did. We have had some good times. One summer I went to Grammy's house with them for a week and broke my nose going down a very steep hill on bikes. I have a small scar on my hand from where she bit me. We played many hours of nintendo and N-64 in our youth and I somehow never really manged to get any better. She has three brothers and all their friends so it was always me and her amidst this herd of boys defending ourselves and each other. We spent a good many hours together.

Then during my freshman year of highschool I transfered to a private school because I was stubborn and refused to do my homework. We each made new friends and didn't really talk that often. But when we did it was always the good 'ole days. Like no time had passed at all. She still judged my boyfriends and I still graded hers. After school and college we spent a lot more time together. Late night walmart runs. She was the first person I told that I might *gasp* actually be interested in my now husband. As you can probably tell she was my maid of honor. No matter how many months or years we go without seeing eachother she'll always be in my heart.

She is coming to visit!?!? Yay. In April! YAY! With Aaron and Clark-bar. Woohoo for that. Ok. I'm going to go search for plane tickets. Yay for best friends and boys.

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  1. What a great best friend! Those are truly the best ones, the ones that come in and out of your life but still seem the closet. Hope she can come visit!!!