Monday, January 26, 2009

Yay Monday!

So Mckmama is on vacation. (Good for her!) So Not Me Monday will be magically posting all by itself sometime today. While I wait, I'll write up my own personal little Not Me Post. Just in case you don't know what this whole shebang is about I'll tell you! Mommy's and others of us that are easily amused get a little free therapy as we deny, ummm I mean admit to, all those things that we would NEVER do. Its a ton of fun and I hope you all join in!

So went to a baby shower this week. I did not almost vomit when I tried the Banana Apple baby food for a game. I have a stronger stomach than that. I also wouldn't have had such a problem with the one baby food that the others said they would actually eat. Heck no. Give me baby squash any day.

I did not clean off the balcony and then let Walker out on it hoping he was a good pigeon deterent. He is not. They do not care. Either does he. So instead I run around waving a broom like a mad woman. I think the kids from the surrounding buildings are weaving fairy tales about the crazy witch lady on the top floor that yells to herself and rides a broom. Well, could be worse!

The boys ordered dinner last night from a little German restaurant. The delivery guy was not surprised when I said danke and "schuz" (Any native German speakers can tell me how to spell that. It's pronounced kind of like a mix of shoes and choose, and means goodbye.) Because we military Americans do not leave a bad reputation for not learning the language and not paying our bills. But he was a nice little delivery man!

I also did not finish a pre-eaten sub. I am not a scavenger. He only had a couple of bites and was just going to throw it out. He told me I could. Oh and it wasn't my husbands. I eat his food all the time so it doesn't even count.

Ok that's all for right now since my dog DID NOT just POOP ON MY CARPET! He knows better and does not fear the wrath of MOM. Happy Not Me Monday to all and to alla good night!


  1. Great NOT ME! Monday!!!!

    I especially like the witch-part ;-)

    It's spelled "Tschüss".

    I'll do my Not me later!


  2. Sounds the baby shower was fun!

    Boy do I understand POOP ON CARPET!

    Happy Monday!!

  3. Have you ever played the baby shower game where they microwave different chocolate candy bars in baby diapers to make it look like poop and then you have to smell it and guess which candy it is? (Snickers, Mars, Hershey's, etc.) That one is worse than the baby food tasting. :-) Great "Not Me"s!

  4. Great not me monday I thought it was funny aboout the puke thing with the baby food

  5. I'm with Rachel E. Um. Is it wrong to want to eat the "fake poop" when you play that game?? Yikes. Did I just write that?? OOPs

  6. I had to laugh when I read your Not Me's. I always tasted the baby foods when my youngest sister was a baby )I was 13 when she was born). Maybe that was why I chose to make my own baby food when I had kids :) I loved the idea of the neighbor kids telling stories about the witch :)

  7. Hi...Staci again. Thanks for visitng my blog AND leaving a comment :) I just wanted to come back and let you know that...yes..."ketchup noodles" are exactly how they sound. I cook his favorite shape pasta (usually elbow because he can stick the fork prongs through the holes) and then drain it, put it in a bowl, and squirt the ketchup in. Mix it up really well and VOILA! Ketchup noodles...don't knock 'em till ya try 'em...I grew up on them and I turned out okay...well, don't ask my husband if that is true :)

  8. Oh that is just too funny!! GREAT post! I can totally see our homeschool curriculum including the German story of "The Witch's Broom" coming next fall!!

  9. Oh my goodness, too funny! I can't believe you ate someones sub...Its too bad Walker isn't a better guard dog, pigeons are pretty gross. Happy Monday!