Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sooo...I spent this morning cleaning up after approximately 60 adults and their numerous children. Why, do you ask? Because apparently they can't clean up after themselves. German's are hardcore about their garbage and recycling. And understandably since they have a lot of people in a country the size of Montana. Not so much room for landfills. You separate plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, organic, regular garbage, and bulk. Sounds tricky right? Honestly not so hard. We have 3 bags hung on our wall. Top is plastic, middle is aluminum, and the bottom glass. Paper goes in its own happy little pile and organic gets put in with regular garbage since we don't have all that much of it. We haven't had any bulk yet, but that just goes out on the curb and they pick it up once a month. This is a crooked picture of our wall set up. The kitchen isn't big enough to get a straight picture so deal with the crooked one. Seriously? It's not rocket science!

So anyways, this morning about 10 other people and I sorted through a room full of people's unsorted and randomly discarded trash. The building that once housed approximately 45 garbage cans of varying uses is now locked up since we as responsible adults felt the need to throw bags of grossness where ever we darn well pleased. As we sorted we found people's names on things such as bills, plane tickets, even a power of attroney. (We now plan on trying our hardest to get ehm in trouble. Slackers!) I feel as though you should have shredded your POA! Diapers. Enough uneaten and unopened food to feed a family of 5. People had literally just thrown their dishes into garbage bags and thrown them in our trash room when they left. Idiots! And that's putting my feelings on this lightly. Needless to say our garbage cans are now located directly in front of your building stairwells. Its very attractive...maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow.

So my two cents: Babysitting is only fun when it involves children. Babysitting adults and their diaper laden garbage is not fun. Seriously grow up people.

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  1. Awesome work recycling.

    It does sound a crappy baby sitting gig. Hope the new trash can location helps.

  2. OK that does sound like alot. I think we should do way more around here and if someone made me, I know I would. You go girl.