Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We are not, at all, big dorks.

The skate park. Its under a bridge next to the castle wall. Its the only part of the castle to have survived both world wars. We played on it for 20 minutes because we are dorky.

This is my accosting my husband. He likes it don't let the scared look fool you. I was actually hanging off his back trying to take the picture while he ran away. He's like that.

This is my husband running up the half pipe at the skate park. He's rrreeeaaalllyyy graceful. Can't you tell?

This is me on the half pipe. I was hanging on for dear life, lest I fall on my face. It could happen, and has before.

Fun Graffiti. and the train line. Under a bridge mind you. Very fun. Very cool. A good way to spend the afternoon.

And since I think I will be to embarassed to admit it on Not Me Monday. I would like to admit it here and now. I may have possibly confused Jack Black with Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Really. No lie. Watching a move with PSH and definately asked my husband if, "That's Jack Black, right?" Needless to say, he laughed at me long and hard. Then made me get out of bed to compare online pictures.

(I still think they look similar. Don't tell my husband he doesn't need to know.)


  1. Hey, Miss Mary Teresa...It's Lisa here from amotherlode and I just wanted to stop by and say hi because you made me smile with your sweet comment today and I've been meaning to drop in for a make me very nostalgic for the days when I was also a young military wife living in Germany! Our firstborn Jack was born at Landstuhl and I have such a tender spot for Germany and Germans and military life there ever since....looks like you had a ball on the skate park...Jack would have LOVED that! I remember sorting through the recycling too...but...oooh! Other people's garbage! So much yuckier than your own, isn't it? :) Like other people's poop. SO STINKY. Just sayin'.

    Anyhow, thanks for brightening my day, Mary Teresa! It's always lovely to hear from you! Hope you stop by again real soon! :)

    PS My two sisters-in-law are living on bases in Germany right now too...John's whole family is military...wouldn't that be funny if you knew each other?

  2. I can see how you would get the two confused! Ha! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the comment the other day. I really appreciate!