Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It is time for another wonderful Not me monday! Woohoo. I've been waiting for this (even though its only my second.) =D

Let me tell you about what I didn't do this week.

I didn't let my dog play in the snow for so long he had snow balls in his fur before we went into the vet. And then let him melt all over her table. Not me I tell you.

I also did not somehow let my dog jump into a ditch full of water on a freezing day. Even if I had it isn't something I let him do, he sort of did it on his own. And then got out dripping wet and wagging his tail like he was in wet freezing dog puppy heaven. Sigh. Not me and definitely not my dog.

I am planning on getting my first tattoo. My husband is planning on getting his first tattoo. For Valentines day because we are VERY romantic. Can't you tell? But I definitely didn't spend and entire day. 4 hours. Possibly more. Looking at tattoo ideas online. I know what I want so I was looking for husband dearest. I mean I WOULD have been looking for husband dearest had I looked at all.

When the German furniture salesman came to the door I did not say, "Yes, I would love to look at your products." Just to get him to go away. I have a strong back bone and am not afraid of confrontation with insistent sales people. But if I had done any of that, I most certainly would have stood up for myself and told the salesman tonight when he stopped by again that we had changed our minds. Good for me.

Finally. I did not gloat when my mom and dad told me that they'd held a debate as to if my Christmas present to them was purchased or handmade. (It was handmade.) But if it looked like professional work that is also completely acceptable.

Happy Not Me Monday to all! Go on over and visit MckMama for some more state of the art Not Me's. =D

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