Friday, January 2, 2009

When I grow up.

I have no idea what either of those signs say. But they both seem to point you in the right direction. I think that I need a direction. I am a smart girl. I know that. I only completed one year of college. Then I got my LPN nursing license. Which I never used because I didn't know how to write a resume. I still don't know how to write a resume. Until I get someone that can actually help me with that I will without a doubt not be trying for a job that requires me to have one. I can make excuses. I don't like sick people. I could have found a nursing job that wasn't in a nursing home, but I chose not to.

Now I debate going back to college. To tuen my LPN into an RN. To do something else entirely. I don't know. I don't know. Listen to God. Pray about it and he'll tell you what to do, I've been told. God speaks, but I don't understand. That's always been my problem. I don't get what he's saying. And DH who I love dearly just tells me not to worry. Silly boy doesn't quite understand. Well off to go investigate more. Find something else that catches my interest until I get scared. Thats why I'm so spur of the moment because I don't share my thoughts. Just act upon them so I don't have to defend them to others until they've been made. Maybe when I grow up I'll know what I want to be. Maybe I'll grow up.

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  1. growing up is overrated...and I don't like sick people either. I work strictly with cute little babies, and thats the ONLY thing I will do as a nurse. If I had to deal with adults, I'd get a different job...