Monday, January 12, 2009

Not me Monday...again.

Oh my. It is time again for another good time denying what I've truly been up to this past week. Thanks to MckMama's Genius we can all play along with her.

Here we go!

I did not get so angry/frustrated with the new levels of stupidity going on here that I not only blogged about it (twice) but also spent a good long period of time whining to my husband. It's not like He has it worse than I do. I mean he actually has to work with some of these people. Poor husband.

Walker is NOT sick again. He didn't get kennel cough at the German vet. He does not sound like he's coughing up his innards every time. My husband does not just roll his eyes at me when I say I'm sorry that my puppy just spit up phlegm on your side of the bed then make him get up so I can change the sheets. And I'm not hoping that this doesn't take months to go away. Oops!

I did not get very excited when I saw that MckMama didn't have her post up yet and that I was ahead of the game, then get nervous that if I posted before MckMama I'd somehow be cheating and breaking the unwritten rules of Not me Monday. I did not decide to chance it. =D

My husband and I did not play the 8 song hard only marathon on Rock Band 3q426346776545 million times on a quest to beat Ramblin' Man. And after FINALLY beating it find out that the next song was even harder. We did both not get very frustrated and I did not cry. I would never cry about Rockband. I can control my tears.

That's it. That's all I've got for this week. Enjoy your Not-mes and share them with everyone else over at Mckmama's party shack. =D

Oh wait last minute addition...I did not just preview my post and panic when I saw the photobucket message that this image has either exceeded bandwidth or been deleted instead of the Not Me Monday button. Luckily it wasn't broken and it was just me being bad at technology. All is well and Not me is up and running.

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  1. I'm not allowed to play rockband...bad things happen. There is lots of yelling and sleepless nights...yeah, I'm not allowed to play anymore.