Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're all grown up!

Oh My! So I am one of four children. Two sisters and a brother. I am also the baby by a long shot. 8, 10, and 15 years older than me, they are. (that's my Yoda speak.) But regardless of age I like to think I'm the oldest and therefore smartest...most mature...coolest. You know, all the important stuff. Well I am proud to announce that my sister Annie is growing up and is now the proud owner of her very own blog. Oh the tears are welling up in my proud little eyes. First Facebook...now a blog. It all happens so quick. =D

So if you're bored and would like to read about a Navy wife's escapades...or at least those of her three kids go on over and pay her a visit. She's almost as cool as I am. And her babies are cute as can be. They're also pure trouble which makes them totally worth keeping, and reading about.


  1. You may very well be the coolest! You make me laugh...thanks!

  2. I'm the youngest too! by 9 and 10 years...

  3. I left you something on my blog...Check it out!