Monday, March 9, 2009


So in case I haven't talked about him recently...I own a yorkie named Walker. He's just a little guy. Weighs in at about 12 pounds. Pain in the butt. Pee-pad trained since a long bout with kennel cough meant he couldnt be around other dogs...a lot of which are found outside. Generally a good little guy, although he is a biter. Not mean bites...just a little gnawing. Well...My furry beast needed a haircut. There are groomers in Germany. Quite a few actually since their dogs are well loved. I'm just cheap. 30 Euro for a doggy hair cut? Ummm....I wouldn't pay that for MY hair cut. So in all my brilliance I decided to cut it myself. All things considered it turned out quite well. He looks very cute now that you can see his little face and his legs aren't quite so hairy. It took me two days, a lot of convincing, and three bones to achieve my goal. But now he looks all pretty with only one little bald spot. (Whoops!) But he is happy as a peacock with his spiffy new look.

Now here is where I am going with this post. Did any of you ever get home hair cuts growing up? I don't remember my mom ever cutting my hair, but she wasn't the most hair capable mom ever was probably safer that way. My sisters cut my bangs a time or two, but i'm pretty sure that for the bulk of the time I got it done at Eileen's Barber shop. The same place my dad got his done. And every other self-professed country girl in the area. Now mind you, dad only got his professionally cut for weddings and funerals, the rest of the time, he managed the beard and my mom handled the head with some clippers and a towel in our kitchen.

My sister has some experience cutting her sons hair. I don't remember much about the story other than the consoling words, "Don't worry momma, I'm sure you'll get better." I'll probably cut my kids hair. They'll probably suffer through some interesting haircuts until I come to grips with the fact that I have to pay someone else. But maybe I'll be lucky with my kids as I am my pup. They'll be happy as a clam with a couple bald spots and a bone.


  1. I was licensed in cosmetology for years. I cut my own hair. I cut my husbands hair. My mother butchered my hair LOL oh, and we saw a little boy in Walmart tonight whose mother obviously stuck a bowl over his head and cut around it. Poor baby..we felt sorry for him :(

  2. I by no means am licensed to cut hair at all, but I watched a few short youtube vids on cutting a military cut and now i cut my hubbys hair! I would never dare to cut my own though however!

  3. I never got my hair cut by my Mom, but I cut my Dad's hair and I've done my cousin's hair before. I am not licensed either, but they both like it and ask me to do it all the time.

    So how about a pic of lil Walker?

  4. I cut Tyler's hair outside yesterday. Everyone laughed at me, but it made great sense to me...almost 15 month olds shake their heads a lot when you're around them with sharp tools and it makes a mess. So, I trimmed his bangs and his neck line outside. I left the ears alone...figured that would be better then leaving them on the lawn too. And, yes, I think Tyler would enjoy a bone:)