Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Baby Journals. Week 8!

So baby update! My Buddha belly is officially blooming. I now own 2 pairs of actual maternity pants and maternity shirt (bought on a very nice discount of up to 75% thank you PX.) They're still kinda big, but with plenty of room to grow. I haven't thrown up in a few days. There was an incident a couple days ago, but I don't think it was pregnancy related. I can officially cook with onions again which makes me the happiest person ever since I LOVE them.

I'm feeling generally better than I had been, but am still sllleeepppy. The Berlin trip didn't help that much though. We did a lot of walking and exploring. I'm going again in a few weeks so I'm going to rest up until then and we'll see.

Walker likes to curl up next to my side when I sleep. Or curl up on my belly. I think he'll be in for a surprise the first time the baby kicks him. =D Nothing crazily new though. Just beginning to feel a bit poor "pregnant" vs feeling a bit "poopy"


  1. Yay for no puking! That's the best news :) I bet it'll be funny when the baby kicks Walker too lol it might even be blogworthy ;)

  2. The first time the baby kicks Walker should be a total hoot!!! Congrats on feeling pregnant rather than poopy!!! You need to start posting belly pics too!!

  3. Marz...I'm so excited that you're starting to feel and maybe even look pregnent! Cathy and Mike's Claire is already 2 weeks old and Hollie is due in the next 2-3's everywhere and I love it! yay babies!!!

  4. Yay! Glad to hear your finally feeling better! My doggies are very very clingy right now I have one on my side and one in my lap. Sometimes, its too much and I need my space.