Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some more pictures!

5 a day. That's a good picture amount right? I hope so. =D This is the church by the zoo. We think that it was bombed during a war and they then cemented the inside of the dome to keep it from further collapse. We didn't go in or near, but hope to on our next visit.
The husband buying our Tageskarte. For 6 Euro 10 you can ride the bus and the U-bahn from whatever time you buy it until 3 in the morning. Very good deal.
My pregnancy body!! =D Ok actually just some random statue found on a road downtown. We were lost when we saw it so I don't even know where it was. haha.
A mural (is it still called a mural on the ground?) Outside a little park.
The Berlin "Stop!" guy. =D


  1. the lights are too funny..I guess because they're different you know? I hope you find out the history of the church..I'm really interested :D