Friday, April 3, 2009

Sweet dreams!

So I was gonna post Berlin zoo pictures today. Instead we're going to talk about the fact that the baby spends the bulk of his time screwing with my head. I have had the CRAZIEST dreams in recent weeks. I am blaming them on being pregnant, because seriously, they are weird.

I have had a couple involving me being a vampire-esque monster that eats people. It's like a crap horror movie. I try to convince my monster significant other--so far played by my husband--that we can stop the monsters and become good people. It's craziness.

Next we have the dream from yesterday night. In this one, a member of your NCO team shot his wife multiple times and we were arresting him. Hmmm. AWKWARD! Seriously the baby is rewiring things that shouldn't be rewired. I was almost normal before this.

A few nights ago I had a dream about a Catholic church. I somehow got the job of handing out the Eucharist. (Which I have no idea how to do in real life. There is a lot of routine involved in it.) And then yelled at the priest because I had to leave to go get my baby...where ever I left him...and he wouldn't let me. Odd. Very, very odd.

Then last night I had one involving poorly shaving my legs. I first tried to use baby oil and ended up dulling my razor without actually cutting any hair. So I tried again with the shower on and a dire hopeless search for a new razor. Note this entire time I was trying to shave my legs I was wearing a dress...even in the shower. Who knows? I finally sadly decided that I would go...well where ever I was going in pants because I had man legs and had repeatedly failed to shave them.

The worst part is I wake up and remember these increasingly odd dreams. I truly am blaming the baby because if it's not his fault then my subconscious is trying to tell me that I am a Catholic, people eater with hairy legs and violent tendencies...and I don't even want to guess what that means to a shrink.


  1. you make me laugh...your crazy dreams are likely due to baby. Pregnant women around the world report dreams out of the ordinary for're not alone. And don't worry, it's not permanent...soon you won't be sleeping, let alone dreaming! ;)

  2. How funny...and completely random. Make sure to write these down somewhere (other than your blog) and read them to you kid someday. I think that would be hilarious.

  3. Haven't been here in a while, so I am just reading past posts and catching up! Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well, and you just enjoy those crazy dreams!!

  4. if you ask me, I'd tell you that they WERE all related to the baby and your fears that you can't do the job. vampire eating people = bad mommy...your team member doing the unthinkable = you doing something wrong as a mom...job at the church = you feel unqualified to be responsible for something so important...unable to shave your legs (something I'm sure you've done for awhile now) and even doing it so wrong as to be wearing a dress = you're afraid you'll fail at being a mom :D I used to interpret dreams for my friends all the time LOL I could be wrong but it clicks for me :)