Friday, April 10, 2009

The baby Journals. Week 9.

That's my Buddha belly. I'm just a baby Buddha at the moment. And yes I did shave my arm pits because I take pity on you. =D And is it Friday? I totally thought it was thursday. Oh well I'm a day late. Shoot me.

Egads Batman! I can not be this far along. 14 weeks? Seriously? I have no idea what I need to buy for this baby. Not a clue. Generally you're supposed to have a shower and people are supposed to buy you things, but as I am fairly against that type thing and I am in Germany...I am going to try to avoid it. So the husband and I will be buying the baby things mostly by ourselves except for the gifts that I can't convince people we're OK without. What do you need for a baby? A carseat? OK but do we need one of those like carseat to stroller infant thingys? Or a infant to toddler carseat? SOOO MANY OPTIONS. And have I ever mentioned my hatred for shopping as well as spending money? The nice way to say it is..."frugal." Nope that's a lie. I'm cheap. I'm also a panicker. AHHHH.

On to the stuff that actually has to do with baby, rather than panicky mom. I have actually thrown up a couple times last week. Randomly. It's out of the blue and like I'll stand up grab the laundry...and...then...go...NOW! Bathroom! Now! Sucks. But I'll take occasional unprovoked attacks vs solid poop feeling for weeks. He's still doing his little man thing in there. Apparently he can now suck on his thumb. And swim around like a little fishy. Who knows whats going on in there? I don't. I'm just trying to figure out if I can keep in the dog's crate once he's born. (JOKING...Seriously you think I'd keep my infant in a dog crate? )


  1. would you like a list of essentials? I can provide you with that...:)

  2. One thing you can do, is to go on like or and look at random peoples baby registry's. It sort of gives you an idea of what you need. Also try googling essential baby items and stuff like that!

    Your Buddha belly is way cute! And ya know that if you keep calling it a him, it will probably end up being a girl. haha!

  3. I don't know if it's just me, but could you label your pregnancy posts with the # of weeks you're pregnant not the consecutive number of blogs it's been? I know, I'm picky, but easily confused...

    somethign to think about at least! ;)

  4. Love your baby belly...too adorable. I'm lost as to all the baby stuff, so no help here. Sorry. Glad your finally feeling better!