Monday, April 13, 2009

It's my 100th post.

Shouldn't this warrant a party or something? Well it's not going to. I'm pretty bad at dates and anniversary's and such. Sooo...happy 100th post to me. Not going to lie, I didn't even know when my husband and I started dating. For our one year, I guessed wrong. Whoops!

Nothing real important to babble about. Just felt the urge to babble. Had a nice weekend with my husband and a friend. Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market I bought some forget-me-nots to plant in my little garden. Speaking of little garden I decided to put by the front door to our building since no one ever mows. I don't feel the urge to beg our neighbors to let me plug (the German lawn mower is electric) into their house so I can mow this little patch of grass. Instead...I'm removing the grass and planting flowers! Good thinking I know. Ok so back to Saturday morning. I also bought 1 kilo of Rhubarb. I think the poor woman knew I was nervous because I point and make believe I'm pronouncing the plant's name correctly in German. Either way, I made it out alive and got my Rhubarb.

Then we went to Sennfeld Lake. It probably has a proper German name, but I have not a clue what it is. Walker went with us and I may have pushed him into the lake =D He can swim and he liked it. I also ate some currywurst since I'm a sucker for anything cut into pieces and slathered with curry and bbq sauce. They have an awesome ropes course which I would LOVE to play on, but think baby would rather I wait until he doesn't have to ride along. It was beautiful and warm and it was a wonderful day to go out. I must say though that just like most other American's I was slightly amused at the not so skinny German men in their very nice little speedo's and shorts with nice tans. As well as the probably 70 year old German woman sunbathing topless. I giggled, I won't lie, but good for them! There were also "regular" people in "regular" swim trunks and bathing suits, but I did enjoy my little giggle.

Yesterday for Easter, we had a wonderful little meal and shared with a friend who is single with a fiance and baby-on-the-way in the States. It was nice. I made a little German ham since the commissary didn't have any everytime I checked. At least not any smaller then say 238,572,984,357 pounds. It was delicious. To go along with it, we watched Marley and Me. Such a good movie! I of course cried like a baby because a.)I'm pregnant and b.) I'm a girl and c.) it was soooo good!

That's all I got. Happy Easter to all and have a wonderful spring!


  1. Happy 100th post.

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. What are you doing with all that Rhubarb???

    I always wonder what to make from it?

  2. Hey Natalie! I made Rhubarb sauce which is essentially rhubarb and sugar boiled down with a splash of Vanilla. Really good on Vanilla ice cream. I also made rhubarb crisp. Both of which were delicious.